NFL Football Specials

Game Day Done Right

We offer custom sandwich specials in Bayville, NJ

Hosting your friends and family to watch the big game? Turn to Spano's Sub Shop for mouthwatering sub sandwiches. We offer a variety of sandwich specials and chicken wing options to keep your guests full until the fourth quarter.

*Please make all orders two days in advance*

Our special for Monday and Thursday night games costs $65 and includes:

3 subs (any subs of your choosing)
25 wings (boneless or regular)
2 two-liter bottles of soda
2 bags of chips (Utz or Wise)

We offer a $120 package for Sunday night games that includes:

1 three-foot sub (any sub, fully customized)
100 wings (boneless or regular)
3 two-liter bottles of soda
3 bags of chips (Utz or Wise)